Knigopis /book writing/ is a portal uniting the digital components developed within the project Digitalization of the Repertoire of the Bulgarian Literature of the Revival (1801-1878) funded by the Bulgarian Science Fund contract № ДН 05/2 of 14.12.2016. The site has the ambition to provide open access to bibliographic information on the Bulgarian Revival print books in the period between the turn of the 19th Century and the Liberation of Bulgaria (1878). Access to the database will be via information-search, bibliometric and geographic systems. The aim of the project is to provide quick, easy and user-friendly quantitative information for exploring a wide range of topics and issues related to the Bulgarian Revival. The new information product is a natural technological upgrade of the print bibliographical reference books developed by several generations of foreign and Bulgarian scientists in the 19th and 20th centuries. The digitalized bibliographic resource solves the indirect dispute over the alphabetical and chronological order of the retrospective bibliographic massifs and significantly extends the possibilities of the print analytical repertoire of Manio Stoyanov “Bulgarian Revival Literature”.

Hyperlink to database: Repertoire of the Bulgarian Literature of the Revival (1801-1878)